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              Tel: 0372-5698999 (domestic)
              0086-3725999555 (Overseas)

              Cell phone: 18903725209

              Fax: 0372-5698000 (domestic)
              0086-3725999000 (Overseas)

              Mailbox: lucy@dx-silicon.com

              Business QQ:271534945

              Address: Anyang City, West Village Gaoping Long'an District East

              Corporate Culture
              Current Location:Home > Corporate Culture


              Enterprise spirit: honest and trustworthy, focus on quality, the courage to innovate, and common development;

              Enterprise purpose: to provide quality products for polysilicon, photovoltaic and other industries; the enterprise gradually built advanced export-oriented enterprises, so that employees share the fruits of the development of enterprises;

              Enterprise policy: rigorous and realistic, efficient and innovative, quality and stability, and constantly open up, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction.

              Tel:0372-5698999(Domestic sales)0086-3725999555(Overseas sales)  Fax:0372-5698000 (Domestic sales) 0086-3725999000(Overseas sales)
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