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              Tel: 0372-5698999 (domestic)
              0086-3725999555 (Overseas)

              Cell phone: 18903725209

              Fax: 0372-5698000 (domestic)
              0086-3725999000 (Overseas)

              Mailbox: lucy@dx-silicon.com

              Business QQ:271534945

              Address: Anyang City, West Village Gaoping Long'an District East

              About Us
              Current Location:Home > About Us


              Anyang Zhong Yu Jin Ming Silicon Industry Co.,Ltd is a leading manufacturer with advanced technical equipments,testing and talent advantages.We achieved dust free operation in production.We supply high quality silicon granule and powder such as grade 553,441,421,411 and 3303 to polysilicon, trichlorosilane, metallurgy and refractories industries. 

              The annual capacity is 30,000MT silicon granule ,powder produced by three production lines designed independently.The particle size is 0-10MM, 1-3mm, 2-5mm, 3-8mm, 100mesh, 200mesh, 325mesh,30-120mesh,40-160mesh,20-100mesh,100-200mehs,45-325mesh,50-500mesh.The quality of our products enjoy good fame from customers.Our quality control dept was equipped with ICP, carbon and sulfur Analyzer, Laser particle size Analyzer etc.

              Tel:0372-5698999(Domestic sales)0086-3725999555(Overseas sales)  Fax:0372-5698000 (Domestic sales) 0086-3725999000(Overseas sales)
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